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Have Amazon placed a restock limit on your best selling products?

We can help you increase that limit in a matter of minutes!

Amazon Restock Service

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Amazon have put a restock limit on your best selling items.
The very first step that you need to do is check how much that limit is.

Go on this website:

Click on The Arrow of the product you want to increase the limit (Restock1)

At this point you need to understand what is the MSQ - "Maximum Shippment Quantity"
*Maximum Inventory level allowed:

• Maximum inventory level represents the maximum inventory you can maintain at Amazon.

• Utilization represents your current inventory at Amazon, which counts against your maximum inventory level and helps determine your maximum shipment quantity. It accounts for your incoming shipments, inventory pending removals, and inventory reserved for orders pending shipment. This may or may not match with the Inventory supply at Amazon above.

Increasing your restock limits

Without using any 3PL we are able to increase your restock units

If you take a look on the 1st picture the maximum stock limit is 200.

Our client wanted to stock more than his limit.

After our service has been completed we managed to increase the limit to 880 as per the request of our client.

As you can see on the 2nd image - The available units are 0 and his Utilisation Units are now 880.

For this case we achieved an increase of near 500%.

Benefits from our service

How increased limits helps you and why you should have higher amount of units

  • Storing enough inventory during Q4 is key for maximising your profits during the best selling period of the year.
  • Capitalise on the crazy shopping spree during Christmas by having enough inventory.
  • Inventory planning is one of the key aspects which will help the long term growth of your Amazon business.
  • If you are a seasonal seller or you have ran out of stock recently chances are your restock limit will be too low and you will not be able to capitalise completely on the Q4 sales.

Before our service

Before Amazon Restock service image

After our service

Afrer Amazon Restock service image


Look what other Amazon sellers have to say about our service

OMG ! Thank you Amazon-Restock. I am so happy I used your service. You have saved me from loosing thousands of dollars. Unlucky for me I have already placed the order of my stock before actually making a shipping plan. WHO WOULD HAVE KNOWN? Amazon actually did not let me make the shipping plan. Thank God I was recommended your service. I don't know what I would have done! Highly Recommend them!

I was shocked and actually froze when I saw the new restock rules. I have already made the order for 5000 units to my supplier and when I saw I can only ship 2000 I panicked. Luckily for me Amazon-Restock had my back. In less than 24 hours I was able to ship the Original 5000 units I had already ordered. My potential profit increase during Christmas doubled! Thank you Amazon-Restock!

To be honest I was a bit sceptic and hesitant to use the service because I thought it will be a very long proccess potentially involving lawyers or at the very least amazon seller support which we all know takes ages to deal with them. But nevertheless I decided to contact them and get a quote. It has been less than 6 hours since I have clicked on the button "Get Quote" and my limits are already increased. Fast, Helpful and Reliable. Thank you!

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List of frequently asked questions and their answers

Why Does Amazon place restock limits?
Amazon is growing extremely fast becoming more and more competetive. There are thousands of new sellers joining in on a daily basis. Due to the insane demand Amazon simply does not have enough space in their warehouses. This is why they are setting these new restock rules.
How does your service help amazon sellers?
Our service is targeting mostly seasonal amazon sellers who are making most of their sales during Christmas. Amazon is limiting the restock limit based on your 30 day sales.
How much does your service cost?
Our service is based on how many units you need to increase your restock level. So the best way to find out how much it will cost for you is to press the button "Get Quote" and fill in the form.
How much can you increase my limit?
The limit increase varies for different sellers. The best way to find out is to get a click on the buttom "Get Quote" and fill in the information. An member of our team will contact you.
Is your service against Аmazon Terms of Service?
No, our service is not against Аmazon Terms of Service.
What is your success rate?
So far we have helped 100% of our clients increase their limits from what they have previously had.
What happens if you can't increase my limits?
If for some reason we are unnable to increase the restock limit of your items we will not charge you a single penny.